TV | Responsive for TV. enhanced web TV browsing solutionTV | Responsive for TV. enhanced web TV browsing solution
TV | Responsive for TV. enhanced web TV browsing solution

A great TV CSS Style generator

Keypad NavigationResponsive for TV screensInternal Voice SearchColor Theme for TV

A beautiful TV Browsing Experience!

WordPress plugin with AI and human adjustments that provide enhanced web TV browsing solution, to all web portals & e-commerce websites.

TV Responsive
Custom TV CSS
Custom Menu for TV
Voice Search
TV WooCommerce

Today, every TV is smart and having a voice search directly from the remote control.

What’s you get when you voice-search your brand on TV?

You can fix this with us

  • 1. TV Browser Detection

    every TV model has different behavior. custom rules for TV model.

  • 2. Custom Adaptation

    Font replacement to bigger and readable . Modify spacing and alignments including letters and rows.

  • 3. Color Theme for TV

    Applying custom site colors adapted for TV screens.

    Light text on a dark background is slightly easier to read on screen.

  • 4. Keypad Navigation

    Lean back WebTV browsing using your TV remote control. using the arrow key, jump between elements. manage focus area and highlight element border.

  • 5. Internal Voice Search

    Internal voice search with AI commands and voice to text search commands to communicate with the viewer using the TV remote control. voice commands like search, read, scroll and  advance e commerce features to increase user engagement and sales over the TV.

  • 6. TV SEO - Rank Higher

    Custom code and metadata insertion to make google search results much better.

What will they see?

When you voice search you get two main results:

  1. YouTube videos.
  2. google web results.
TV | Responsive for TV. enhanced web TV browsing solution

You should be ready for viewers who click on your site.

Site owners invest a lot of efforts to present their site responsive on mobile.

“responsive website” is not the answer.

Now, they should consider supporting “responsive for TV” as well

Compatible mode for TV browsers

Any TV Layout imaginable

Let our AI agent work for you. Custom TV layout, based on TV.CSS only.

no matter if you are using Elementor, Visual Composer, Gutenberg or any page builder, The plugin doesn’t modify any theme file, instead of it loads the generated tv.css codes to the website in a dynamic way and apply only on TV browsers like LG WebOS, Samsung Tizen TV, or Android TV.

Advance adaptation for Woocommerce

  • Easy to use, Customized TV Shop for your TV viewers.
  • TV product carousels and grids using TV remote control and voice search.
  • Customized product page for TV – big fonts and images.
  • One-click checkout – customized for TV.
  • Custom TV product page

    Custom woocommerce product page customized for TV screens

  • Easy Product Navigation

    Transform your shop into multi  product carousels. Designed for TV screens. easy navigation using the TV remote control.

  • Easy TV checkout

    minimum  clicks  to checkout using customized pre designed cart & checkout pages.

  • Voice Order via the remote control

    voice search ” adidas stan smith white mens 43“.

    if find what you are looking for? Say “add this now

    and when you ready say “checkout please

TV | Responsive for TV. enhanced web TV browsing solution

Talk with your viewers

Talk with your views

Search adidas stan smith white

Bot response - What size?

Size 43

Add to cart? please confirm

Yes please

When your TV viewers are at “lean back” mode, they will not use the TV virtual keyboard to type or search something. They will use the TV remote control mic.

Your site can speak to you and your visitors

  • Command your site with voice
  • 15+ Function already included
  • Search: execute a search in your website
  • Scroll to: scroll down
  • Scroll top: it scroll on the top of the page
  • add to cart
  • checkout
  • PayPal me

Voice is converted into text using webkitSpeechRecognition.